About Henky’s Papiamento

From my passion for language in general, and Papiamento in particular, I have set up this website to provide anyone with online lesson material. Besides Papiamento, I speak four more languages ​​(Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese). These are not by chance the four languages ​​that have had much influence, or have laid the foundation for Papiamento. From my experience, I know that learning a language requires time, discipline and continuity. And, besides, a lot of bluff, dare to speak and occasionally make mistakes, because what lesson material you have at your disposal, the cornerstone of learning a language, is speaking!

In addition to online class material, Henky’s Papiamento offers both private courses and translation services. You can choose to take a private course Papiamento or go for the introduction course Papiamento to get to know the language and learn the basics. Henky’s Papiamento is located in Amsterdam, you can attend a course at our location or in consultation with you at your home*, if you live in Amsterdam or surroundings. If you live too far from Amsterdam, it is also possible to follow a course via Skype.

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* Please note that the travel costs are for your account.